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Chip Implanter

Microchipping is acknowledged to be the most acceptable way to give pets and horses a unique and permanent identification. idENTICHIP® powered by ANIBASE® Pet Database is the original and most advanced reunification system in the UK.

Microchip identification is not just about the microchip, it is about the system supporting that microchip which ensures that the owner can always be traced quickly and efficiently. idENTICHIP® were the first company in the world to acknowledge the requirement of a complete system when it launched in 1989 and over the last 22 years have lead the way in developing all of the current aspects we now take for granted.

Over 4 million idENTICHIP® microchips have been implanted since launch.

idENTICHIP® is used by over 1750 vets, charities, local authorities and national animal organisations.

Use the left hand menu bar to find out more about the individual parts of the system, how it works and why it is the best choice for your clients.

idENTICHIP® microchips come with 4 weeks’ free Animalcare Options Insurance for eligible dogs and cats.