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idENTICHIP® with Bio-Thermo™

In addition to the conventional idENTICHIP® we also offer idENTICHIP® with Bio-Thermo.

Traditionally the only accurate way to take a pets temperature was rectally and you know how much they enjoy that!! Clearly this has many disadvantages, including stress to the pet (not to mention you!) and it can be extremely time consuming.

In addition to offering unique numerical identity idENTICHIP® with Bio-Thermo now also provides you with a quick reading thermometer accurate to 0.1 degree F or C. If you consider that the accuracy of Rectal Mercury thermometers is + or - 1 degree then idENTICHIP® with Bio-Thermo compares very favourably as a method of checking an animals temperature.

Does idENTICHIP® with Bio-Thermo give an accurate temperature?

Although identichip® with Bio-Thermo is implanted Sub cutaneously in the shoulder region, the correlation of the temperature with that in the traditional rectal region is excellent.

Sub cut temperatures do react slightly differently to rectal in response to certain stimuli.

Stimuli such as stress and exercise raise the subcut temperature (perhaps by 1 –2 degrees), quicker than rectal but both equalise within a few minutes. This is due to the increased peripheral blood flow in the shoulder/neck region.

What are the advantages of using idENTICHIP® with Bio-Thermo?

  • Unique identity
  • Less stressful for vet, pet and client than taking rectal temperature.
  • Multiple temperature readings can be taken with no stress to the patient
  • Ideal for temperature taking during and post surgery where minimal disturbance is desired.
  • For exotics and birds where conventional methods of temperature reading are difficult.
  • Breeding cycle monitoring in some species.