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Q: How do I obtain a password to make online registrations?

A: If you already have a Vet Code, please contact ANIBASE® for a password (which will be sent by post).

If you do not have a Vet Code, please contact ANIBASE® to receive your password and Vet Code.

Q: How do I register an animal that I have just microchipped?

A: ANIBASE® offers a range of registration options including online, by post and via the practice management system. For more details on these options take a look at the registration section on the left hand selections tabs.

Q: Can I amend Pet or Pet Owner Details?

A: You are unable to make any amendments to pet owner details. These can only be done by the owner or ANIBASE® database administration.

However, you are able to make a change to pet details in respect of the death of a pet. You are of course also able to make amendments to your practice details

Q: What if I cannot find the Microchip Number on the database?

A: Please check that you have entered the microchip number correctly - it should be 10 or 15 digits long. Once checked, if you still can't find the microchip then contact ANIBASE® on 01904 487600 and we should be able to identify the source of the microchip. If the enquiry is out of hours please contact 0844 824 1235.

Q: What if the Microchip is already registered?

A: A message to this effect will be displayed if the microchip has already been registered on Anibase.

Q: What if the Microchip is not registered to my practice?

A: Please contact ANIBASE® on 01904 487687, quoting the microchip number(s) you are unable to register, plus the box number to allow us to amend our systems.

If you haven’t found the answer to your query here please telephone - 01904 487 600 and a member of our team will be happy to help with your enquiry.