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idENTICHIP ultra

The mini microchip with big benefits

idENTICHIP ultra combines all the benefits of a smaller microchip and a thinner needle with improved reading distances for the ultimate mini microchip solution.


Animal Welfare

The idENTICHIP ultra needle is 50% thinner than a standard microchip needle. This size reduction combined with a sharp, siliconsied needle ensures increased comfort for the pet during the procedure.

The siliconisation allows the needle to penetrate the skin quickly and smoothly improving the experience for both the pet and the implanter.

Improved Read Range

Reducing the size of a microchip can lead to a significant reduction in the read range. In larger animals this could ultimately lead to a microchip not being detected and a break in the reunification process.

idENTICHIP ultra combines a slimline needle with a longer ferrite rod (which boosts the signal to the scanner). This increases the reading distance compared to other mini microchips by up to 24%*.

The Complete Microchipping Solution

Mini microchips offer a fantastic solution for improved comfort and ease when microchipping small breeds and species. However, it is essential to use standard microchips in larger species and breeds to ensure the maximum read range is achieved.

We recommend that idENTICHIP ultra is used with small breed dogs, cats, small furries (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs etc), birds and exotics.




*Based on a labratory trial comparing mini microchips (1.4mm x 8.5mm), standard microchips (2.1mm x 12.5mm) and idENTICHIP ultra (1.4mm x 10.3mm) using three different microchip scanners.