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Locate is an enhanced reunification service for pets registered on ANIBASE® and offers invaluable assistance from our dedicated team 24/7 365 days a year.

As well as providing reassurance and advice we will contact local vets, rescue agencies and charities on their behalf so they can concentrate on following the advice given.

How does Locate Work?

If a pet goes missing then the owner makes one phone call to a dedicated 24hr helpline. ANIBASE® will send a Local Alert to Dog Wardens, Recovery Centres and Veterinary Surgeries in the surrounding area.

Locate ensures that the missing pet is being actively pursued over a wide geographical area by an enormous network of organisations.

Owners can produce and print 'Lost' Posters or request that we produce them on their behalf behalf and mail them out for displaying locally.

Additional benefits of membership

  • Free change to address details, currently costing £6 per change.
  • Free holiday address details, currently costing £6 per change.
  • Publish a pet photo on our website.
  • Free reminders by email to check your contact details.

Locate is available to pets registered on ANIBASE® for only £17.95 for a period of 8 years (Less than £2.25 per year)

Owners can join online or by sending payment by Credit/Debit card/P.O./cheque to ANIBASE® with a letter stating their details and pet details including its idENTICHIP® number. to Anibase, FREEPOST NEA 14088, York YO19 5ZZ.

Once an application has been received, ANIBASE® will add all details to the system and the pet will become protected 14 days after this has been completed. They will then receive a Locate Membership pack, providing full details of the service.