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Pet Owner

Black dogThe frightening facts…

Everyday unidentified pets are humanely destroyed in animal homes throughout the country. Many of these animals could have been saved and reunited with their worried owners if only they could have been identified.

Even the best loved and well trained pets can go missing or get lost – doors left open, startling loud or strange noises, wandering whilst on holiday…the possibilities are endless. Whatever the reason, you can't be sure a collar and tag will still be there and legible when a pet is found.

The good news…

There is a simple way to ensure your pet can be easily identified wherever he or she goes. Over 4 million pets have been microchipped with idENTICHIP® and we have helped reunite hundreds of pets with their owners.

Use this section to find out more about the idENTICHIP® reunification system, how it works and why it is the best choice for you and your pet.

idENTICHIP® microchips come with 4 weeks’ free Animalcare Options Insurance for eligible dogs and cats.