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idENTICHIP ultra

The mini microchip with big benefits.

idENTICHIP ultra combines all the benefits of a smaller microchip with improved reading distances for the ultimate mini microchip solution.

Mini microchips are becoming increasingly popular for small species and breeds with the benefit of a slimmer microchip and in turn a slimmer needle. It is important to remember that a smaller microchip does come with a reduced read range, so if used in larger breeds there is potential for them to become difficult for microchips scanners to detect.

idENTICHIP ultra is just as slim as other mini microchips but is slightly longer meaning it has a better read range for scanners to detect. When tested against other mini microchips using various microchip scanners, the read range of idENTICHIP ultra was between 6% and 24% greater*.

This enhanced technology means that you can select a slimmer microchip for your small pet with the peace of mind that your chosen microchip has the optimum read range available.

We recommend the use of idENTICHIP ultra is restricted to smaller species and breeds. When microchipping puppies and kittens consideration should always be given to the size they will be when fully grown. 




*Based on a labratory trial comparing mini microchips (1.4mm x 8.5mm), standard microchips (2.1mm x 12.5mm) and idENTICHIP ultra (1.4mm x 10.3mm) using three different microchip scanners.