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Mrs M – 19/10/2016

Thankyou so much to Rebekah for her excalent customer service and her ninja fast speed at wich she registered my dogs microchip to the database. I only posted the paperwork yesterday and today she is on the database and a fully fledged UK citazin. Thanks a million for all your help 


Mr K – 07/10/2016

I just wanted to say that thanks to your fantastic system, Hercules the Cat who has been missing since 2012 (yes, FOUR years ago) has turned up safe and sound!

Thank you so much, I couldn't be happier!


Ms B – 19/07/2016

Would just like to thank the Customer Services team on behalf of Arundawn Dog Rescue for helping us get some of our rescue dogs registered so quickly today - this helped enormously with ensuring they are safe and ready to start their new lives. Thank you!!!


Anonymous Review - October 2016

Robyn Williamson registered my dog's chip the same day I emailed - so quick!

On the phone she was very polite without interrupting me and she quickly solved my problem (I spoke to a colleague earlier and they accidentally sent the change of address to the wrong email address).

She also responds to her emails within minutes! It's nice to have the company represented by people like her.


Sonny’s Story


Sonny, a 13 year old cat from Yate in Bristol went missing in 2007 during a house move. His owners were devastated at his disappearance  and returned time and time again to try and find him. Eventually Sonny’s family had to accept the worst and resigned themselves to never seeing him again – they hoped he had simply found another loving home.

Fast forward five years to March 2012 and Sonny’s owners received the call they had given up all hope on, Sonny had been taken into the RSPCA after a woman spotted him in her garden looking very hungry and sorry for himself.

Thanks to his idENTICHIP Sonny was identified when the RSPCA scanned him and reunited with his family after a call to the Anibase team.

Sonny’s story not only highlights the importance of microchipping but also just how vital it is that your registered details are accurate and up to date on the Anibase Pet Database.


Tommy's Story

“I know I will not have had personal contact with anyone in your company, but would like to let you know that since we had Tommy fitted with his ID Chip in May 2001, what a sense of security this gave me - particularly following the 2 occasions we moved house. Luckily Tommy settled really quickly, but knowing his ID chip was there as a safety net, offered me constant reassurance. Thank you for your contribution to this” 

A Puppy's Story

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the prompt and efficient way you dealt with the change of ownership on the microchip details after we purchased our puppy…what service – thank you.”

“I rang you yesterday saying I had lost my certificate and I received a new one this morning thanks for such great service.”


Halo's Story

"My cat, Halo, went missing on 1st January this year, which was reported via yourselves.  I am extremely glad to say she was returned to me by a local vets on Monday 22 October 2012, utilising her micro-chip and some kind residents who had taken her into the vets."


Lilly's Story

"Just to say I think you all do sterling work helpings us protect our much loved and previous pets and friends."

"Just a little token of appreciation  for all your hard work in getting Lilly’s microchip changed. You’re a star!"