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identibase®– Registration

All identichip® microchips are registered on identibase® Pet Database, the UK’s original and most advanced pet database holding the details of over 5million animals.

identibase® and identichip® can now offer the implanter the most advanced choice of options for the registration of a microchip they have implanted.

Keepers can register their own pets details online. Online registration ensures the keeper and pet details are available more immediately. Please use the 'Register Here' button below to register.

Using a unique password linked to the practice vetcode, implanters can register the microchip online with immediate effect.

The completed paper form is the traditional method which is completed by the keeper and can be posted in to the database by either the keeper or the practice.

Posted forms carry an inherent delay in registration of the pet and increases the risk of mistakes (due to handwriting being misread) , however identichip® has an efficient “Back Track” system whereby the microchip is registered to the implanting practice at the time of delivery and so the microchip is traceable at all times.

Subject to compatibility with the practice system and co-operation by the computer system supplier and keeper the pet details can be transferred using VetXML directly into the identibase® system.

Practices may print their own version of the registration details, attach a barcode and send via fax or post to identibase® for registration to identibase® plan.

Identibase® is the UK’s original and most advanced Pet Database, registering your pet’s details could not be easier…


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Pet insurance is an important part of responsible pet ownership. That’s why identichip® microchips come with 4 weeks’ free insurance.

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