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Why choose identichip®

All identichip® microchips are manufactured to the highest quality and meet the relevant ISO standards. identichip® is also a member of the MTA (Microchip Trade Association), bringing together microchip suppliers and distributers to give guidance for industry practice.

identichip® has experience in all aspects of the use of microchips within the veterinary, charity and general animal applications. With this experience identichip® can support our customers with any problems they encounter and advise on all aspects of use and applications.

identichip® is unique in being fitted with the only patented device to guard against migration of the microchip once implanted.

The Bio Bond® is a polypropylene collar which is attached to the microchip. This collar allows the tissue to attach to what was an otherwise glass surface.


identichip® needles are specifically designed to cause the minimum trauma , they do not punch a hole in the skin but the double edge cuts a slit through which the long bevel passes much like a wedge.

This reduces the trauma and promotes quick healing.

Once a needle has penetrated the skin it is desirable for it to pass through easily without “drag”, identichip® needles are siliconised to “slip” through the skin. This is particularly noticeable in the tougher cats skin.

The most popular implanter remains the disposable sterile needle which fits into a re usable pistol grip handle. Where a single piece disposable implanter is required identichip® has a sterile syringe presentation. The needle can be detached for disposal in the sharps bin.

A microchip is of very little use if the keeper’s details are not available when a lost pet is found. Identichip® operates the most comprehensive Back Tracking system to ensure the best chance of a lost pet being reunited with its owner.

When an identichip® is sold to an implanter it is immediately allocated on identibase® against the details of the implanter. Implanters are supplied with record sheets to log all owners at the time of implantation. This ensures that even if a keeper does not complete a registration form or it gets “lost in the post” we can identify an owner via the implanter.

identichip® is a major supporter of National Microchip Month and produces a number of promotional items to support implanters at this time. At all times the support of identicare’s local sales representative is available to you.

identichip® is a microchip and an electromagnetic coil in a glass capsule the size of a grain of rice. We use glass for our capsules as glass is the only substrate which has been proven to withstand body fluid from attacking the inner workings of the implanted microchip.

identichip® responds to a low voltage 134 Khz electronic signal from the scanner and transmits its unique code, which is then displayed on the screen.

Identibase® is the UK’s original and most advanced Pet Database, registering your pet’s details could not be easier…


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Pet insurance is an important part of responsible pet ownership. That’s why identichip® microchips come with 4 weeks’ free insurance.

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