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Why choose identichip BIO-THERMO®

identichip BIO-THERMO® is a new generation of identification microchip, having inside a patented temperature biosensor, this enables the pet’s temperature AND the identification number to be collected simultaneously.

Multiple Microchip Temperature readings collected over time make it easier to recognize trends in an individual pet’s temperature, as well as uncharacteristic fluctuations in individual temperature, which may indicate changes in a pet’s wellbeing. Multiple temperature data collection would provide a practical way to monitor this important health parameter during recovery from veterinary procedures or to aid in the management of existing medical conditions.

In 2019 Sure Petcare plans to launch the first two temperature-monitoring pet products for use in the home.

It works in the same way as any other classical pet identification microchips to improve the chance of your pet being reunited with you, should they ever become lost.

In addition, BIO-THERMO® has an integrated temperature biosensor, which makes it possible to collect measurements of a pet’s subcutaneous temperature at the location of the microchip.
The “Microchip Temperature” can be detected and read using a compatible microchip reader, such as the Global Pocket Reader Plus or the SureSense Microchip Reader.

Multiple temperature values collected consecutively or regularly (during the day time for several days, in the early morning and/or in the late evening) can establish a trend of individual animal profile or average temperature and variability

Combined with relevant information linked to the daily activity of the pet using the upcoming connected pet products, the individual temperature profile could be monitored very easily. Atypical variations from this trend could be indicative of changes in pet’s wellbeing.

BIO-THERMO® works in the same way as a standard identification microchip:

  • Each identification microchip is programmed with a unique and inalterable 15-digit code
  • The pet’s unique microchip number is then registered on the identibase pet database alongside the keeper’s contact details. It is also added to the pet’s vaccination booklet and pet passport for the owner to keep.
  • Veterinary practices, animal shelters and dog wardens use a microchip reader to check the microchip number of a lost pet, in order to trace its owner.

Yes, as with standard identification microchips, BIO-THERMO® is designed to work for the entire lifetime of a pet.

No, BIO-THERMO® is a passive identification pet microchip which stores a unique and locked 15-digit identification number. It has no battery and no other internal power source. The identification number and the pet’s temperature can be read by passing an adapted reader such as the Global Pocket Reader Plus and SureSense Microchip Reader.

BIO-THERMO® is encapsulated in a biocompatible and inert material called Bioglass commonly used for the manufacturing of classical pet microchips used by veterinarians or certified implanters for more than 15 years.

Packed in a sterile-proven disposable syringe, BIO-THERMO® is certified by the International Committee for Animal Recording and is as safe as any other pet identification microchip.

As for humans, temperature measurement in pets is an important health parameter that crossed-analyzed with clinical signs, can signal changes in an animal’s wellbeing. When implanted in dogs and cats, identification microchips are inserted into the subcutaneous layer of tissue, typically between the shoulder blades.

Some recent studies conducted both in humans and in pets highlighted the importance that the individual normal temperature is not a specific number, but rather a range of values that depends on the time of day, the site of measurement, and the person’s age (1).

In dogs, the temperature might also vary in different locations. Indeed, some recent studies aiming to compare different temperature reading techniques demonstrate that body temperature varies by location (2). For instance, the results of recent investigations are indicative that the ear and rectal temperature readings should not be directly compared in dogs and cats, but rather compared against a reference range of temperatures for that particular site (3).

Consequently, the temperature values collected using BIO-THERMO® do not aim to be compared with the rectal temperature values and does not aim to replace this technique widely used by veterinarians.

BIO-THERMO® is a unique and intelligent solution that allows to monitor the individual pet’s temperature when the pet is at home, thus working as a valuable complementary mean of monitoring the pet’s health and wellbeing.

It is coming!

Sure Petcare plans to launch the first two temperature-monitoring pet products for use in the home. The first, an internet-connected version of the award-winning SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, which launched late in 2018, will have temperature-monitoring functionality integrated towards the end of 2019. The second, a smart collar for dogs, will launch in late 2019.

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  2. Gomart SB, Allerton FJ, Gommeren K, 2014. Accuracy of different temperature reading techniques and associated stress response in hospitalized dogs. J Vet Emerg Crit Care 24(3):279-85.
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