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Microchipping - The Facts

The frightening facts…

Everyday unidentified pets are humanely destroyed in animal homes throughout the country. Many of these animals could have been saved and reunited with their worried owners if only they could have been identified through microchipping.

Even the best loved and well trained pets can go missing or get lost – doors left open, startling loud or strange noises, wandering whilst on holiday…the possibilities are endless. Whatever the reason, you can’t be sure a collar and tag will still be there and legible when a pet is found.

The good news…

There is a simple way to ensure your pet can be easily identified wherever he or she goes. Over 5 million pet’s have been microchipped with identichip® and we have helped reunite hundreds of pets with their owners.

Use this section to find out more about the identichip® reunification system, how it works and why it is the best choice for you and your pet.

Identichip® is the UK’s original pet microchipping service.

Launched in 1989 we have over 25 years experience and our continued development means our products lead the way in pet identification and reunification services.

Over 5 million animals have been identichipped and our dedicated team have helped reunite thousands of lost pets with their keepers.

Today over 1750 vets, charities, local authorities and animal welfare organisations use identichip® to provide safe and effective identification upon which they can rely.

Identichip® is a tiny microchip (about the size of a grain of rice) with a unique 15 digit identity code. The microchip is implanted quickly and easily into the scruff of a pets neck by a vet or trained implanter.

Identichip® is suitable for all pets regardless of age or breed and if you have more than one pet each one can be separately microchipped and identified.

How it works…

Identichip® is the only microchip fitted with the patented Bio Bond® anti migration collar ensuring that once implanted it will stay in the same place to be scanned*.

The identichip® remains electronically inactive until scanned by a microchip scanner.  These scanners routinely can be found in vets, rescue kennels, charities and dog wardens and are used to to detect the unique identity code of your pets microchip.

All identichip® microchips are registered on the identibase® Pet Database. Your records can be accessed 24/7 365 days a year ensuring whatever the day, date or time your pet can always be traced back to their home.

*Subject to implantation procedure and is not guaranteed.

Identichip® with Bio-Thermo® is the alternative way to take your pets temperature. Traditionally the only accurate way to take a pet’s temperature was rectally with a handheld thermometer. This method can be stressful for the pet (not to mention you!) and it can be extremely time consuming.

Identichip® with Bio-Thermo® provides an accurate and efficient way of checking your pets temperature as quickly and as easily as reading their identichip® number.

This revolutionary breakthrough in technology, incorporates a thermometer and the identification number all in one chip and your vet can check your pets temperature at the press of a button.

Identichip® with Bio-Thermo® is a major advance in microchip technology, ask your local veterinary practice for details.


As a pet owner it is reassuring to know that over the last 28 years since the introduction of identichip®, we have been developing and supporting the largest network of scanners to enable microchips to be read.

There are now more than 4,000 identichip® scanners across the UK and this number is increasing all the time.

The scanner shows the user the unique number held on the chip so they can then contact the database to obtain the keeper’s details.

A comprehensive network is essential in ensuring missing pets are scanned and reunited with their owners, the extensive network includes:

  • Veterinary surgeons
  • Stray kennels
  • Dog wardens
  • Cats Protection branches
  • Cruelty & welfare societies
  • Horse sale rings
  • Abbatoirs
  • Trading Standard officers

At identichip® we fully appreciate the distress you feel if your beloved pet goes missing. That’s why we have put together a proven system to ensure that we do all that we can to reunite you with your pet.

We recommend you take the following steps:

  • Check with neighbours to make sure your pet is not with them or hiding somewhere, pay particular attention to garages and sheds where your pet may have been accidentally trapped.
  • For dog owners who may have lost their pet whilst out walking, trace the route of your “normal” walk.
  • Advise your vet, plus local rescue centres or charities in your area.
  • Put up simple signs around your locality asking for help in locating your lost pet, include a photo and description.
  • Phone identibase® on 01904 487 600 or go online to your pet’s details and report your pet missing to us.


Identifind® is an enhanced reunification service for pets registered on identibase® and offers invaluable assistance from our dedicated 24/7 365 days a year. For more information visit our identifind® page.

Identibase® is the UK’s original and most advanced Pet Database, registering your pet’s details could not be easier…


Identifind® is an enhanced reunification service for pet’s registered on identibase® and offers invaluable assistance from our dedicated team 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Pet insurance is an important part of responsible pet ownership. That’s why identichip® microchips come with 4 weeks’ free insurance.

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